Video Interviewing

Client Growth Consultants, Inc. utilizes Pre-Recorded One Way Video Interviews as part of the candidate presentation to our clients. This is a state of the art video recording and comes with an evaluation assessment as a match to the job description. Thus, saving hiring and Talent Acquisition managers tremendous amounts of time, effort and allowing them to evaluate the candidate in advance.

  • Reduce Time- To-Hire by 56%
  • Reduce Resume Reading Time
  • Time Zones Are No Longer an Issue
  • Visually Listen to Candidates Responses
  • Improve Recruiter/Hiring Managers Flexibility
  • Decrease time spent reviewing resumes by 60%.
  • You Can See and Hear the Skills That Truly Matter
  • Recruit Highly Skilled Talent with A New Digital Approach
  • Outstanding Positive ROI Impact on Your Recruiting Process
  • This Is Truly a Data and Visual Driven Approach to Recruiting
  • Candidates Enjoy Being Able to State Their Case vs. Just Sending A Resume

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George F. Mancuso, CEO, CPC